Author: Cointelegraph By Marcel Pechman


In 1962 sociologist Everett Rogers published the well-known book Diffusion of Innovations in which he classified consumers in the following five groups: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards. Adoption Curve. Source: Business-to-you Since its creation, the above chart has become widely used among many industries, although new technologies have better synthesized such […]


Bloomberg senior commodities strategist Mike McGlone recently released a midyear crypto outlook, which states that Bitcoin volatility should continue to decrease as the asset behaves more like gold. The report also says that primary demand and adoption indicators remain positive. The report concludes that Bitcoin is set for a breakout with a target at the […]


Most traders fail to understand how Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchanges handle their risk. There is a consensus that the winners get paid by the losing parties, but it is not as simple as it seems. Insurance funds were initially designed to protect clients positions during excessive volatile periods. Nonetheless, some exchanges such as BitMEX display […]


Unlike traditional financial markets, crypto exchanges are largely unregulated, and virtually every Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto trader is familiar with various stories detailing the degree to which certain aspects of crypto market price action is manipulated.  Despite this, many traders feel like there is little they can do to avoid the whims of whales and […]

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