Author: Cointelegraph By Jinia Shawdagor


Blockchain technology is disrupting every sector of the global economy with its limitless opportunities and innovative products. Decentralized finance is one of the sectors that has been trying to shake the traditional financial ecosystem. The multitude of DeFi applications emerging all over the fintech space has provided solutions, such as lending, staking, exchange of derivatives, […]


Over the years, it has become a known fact for anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies that scams are running rampant. However, as more novice players enter the market, more scammers up their tactics to take advantage of unsuspecting Bitcoin enthusiasts with fake Bitcoin giveaways and other elaborate schemes.  Recently, a new bout of scammers has emerged […]


At the height of the unprecedented crypto boom of 2017, Estonia emerged as the digital trailblazer of the European Union, issuing hundreds of licenses to crypto companies. The country’s regulators moved to authorize the issuance of operating permits to crypto companies back in 2017 under Estonia’s e-Residency permit program. The e-Residency program is a government-issued […]

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