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Selva Ozelli is an international tax attorney and regular contributor to Cointelegraph. She gives her expert opinion on a range of subjects, including how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can both positively and negatively impact climate change issues. She is also an award-winning artist, and has recently curated the First Digital Climate Change Art Show. This […]


Australian firm Power Ledger announced a partnership with Thai Digital Energy Development (TDED) on May 25 to create a blockchain-based digital energy platform in the country. The platform will enable environmental commodity and peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading, in order to accelerate adoption of renewable energy sources. Thailand aims to generate 25% of its electricity from […]


Another week, another cryptocurrency documentary review… Although Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution, released May 22, promises something a little different. For a start, amongst the usual crypto-101 and industry-overview fare, a focus on how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is transforming the African continent feels like a breath of fresh air. After all, wasn’t “banking the […]


Digital asset security specialist, Fireblocks, announced the development of a new multi-party computation, or MPC, algorithm on May 13. The algorithm is claimed to improve the transaction speed for secure digital asset transfer by 800%. Furthermore, digital asset custodians and vendors will be able to access and use the new protocol without cost. Fireblocks does […]


Independent game developers face an almost insurmountable hurdle in their quest for success. Without a marketing budget, many have to give away their work for free. Their only hope is to recoup some of the development cost through in-game advertisements or micro-transactions — both of which are off putting to many potential players. Blockchain development […]


New analysis of the top 10,000 Ether wallet addresses certainly paints a very bullish picture for Ethereum as it moves towards Proof-of-Stake consensus. However, it also suggests that some highly questionable practices are being employed by certain major cryptocurrency exchanges and Ether (ETH) whale accounts. The Poloniex/Tron axis According to the report’s author, Adam Cochran, […]

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