Author: Cointelegraph By Jack Martin


Author Cal Evans bills The Little Book of Crypto as “A No BS Introduction To Crypto.” Evans also claims to be “regarded as one of the best crypto lawyers” working for “the largest independent crypto-only law firm on the planet.” This will become relevant later. The book claims to provide the reader with unique “in-industry” […]


Regular readers will no doubt be aware of the high expectations currently being placed on the shoulders of blockchain gaming. For advocates of blockchain technology, there is the hope that tapping into the estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide will provide a huge leap toward mainstream adoption. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology continue to make inroads […]


As blockchain technology continues apace in its quest to infiltrate and improve the gaming sector, multiple platforms have been springing up to vy for your attention. Earlier this month Cointelegraph reported on Pavillion Hub, developed by GOATi entertainment and powered by Phantasma blockchain, which integrates with the Steam gaming platform. This allows developers to easily […]


Growing With Blockchain: From Disruptive Potential to Operational Reality, as its title suggests, is about blockchain. Specifically, it is about turning the disruptive potential of blockchain into an operational reality, in order to help your business grow. It is aimed squarely at decision makers, particularly those who may already be considering the possibilities of blockchain […]

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