Author: Cointelegraph By Jon Rice


If there’s one thing that has no need of preservation on a blockchain, it’s the burbling thunder of William Shatner’s self-deprecating chuckle.  You grew up with it — if you’ve ever owned a television it’s part of your cultural heritage. No matter how many years may go by between starring roles, it’s as familiar and […]


One of the time-honored traditions in the crypto community may be on the verge of becoming obsolete. Alchemy, a blockchain development platform, is going live with Alchemy Notify — a push notification for developers that could signify an end to repeatedly refreshing your favorite block explorer while waiting for a transaction confirmation. The crypto user-experience […]


Following Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap, we have some great news for Changpeng Zhao: the silver medal is still worth winning. To celebrate the seventh anniversary of the platform’s launch, CoinMarketCap invited crypto industry participants to ‘roast them’ today. And we’re happy to oblige. @Cointelegraph: Since your writers never create any original content, wanna try your […]

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