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EWM InteractiveAugust 25, 2020

Formerly known as DaVita HealthCare Partners, DaVita (NYSE:) provides kidney dialysis services for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure or end stage renal disease. It was founded in 1994 and went public a year later. As of this writing DaVita’s market cap is close to $10.7 billion. The interesting part is that it is a […]

EWM InteractiveAugust 6, 2020

The coronavirus selloff hit the restaurant industry hard. With stores closing to prevent the virus from spreading, the stocks of McDonald’s (NYSE:), Starbucks (NASDAQ:), Dunkin and the like all came crashing down. Yum! Brands (NYSE:) wasn’t spared either. YUM stock has been losing ground since the summer of 2019, but it was the COVID-19 crisis […]

EWM InteractiveJuly 19, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic hit no other sector harder than travel. Lockdowns took a heavy toll on airlines, hotels and even rental car services as people postponed vacations and business trips were canceled. Even asset-light companies like Booking (NASDAQ:) and Expedia (NASDAQ:) saw their stock prices plunging. Expedia, which was down 25% from its all-time high […]

EWM InteractiveJune 23, 2020

Economic crises have always been especially tough on financial companies. Usually, when the general market is falling, financial stocks are crashing even harder. PNC Financial (NYSE:) for example, lost 81.6% in the 2008-9 recession, while the fell by “just” 58%. PNC Financial stock suffered more than the general market during the recent coronavirus selloff, as […]

EWM InteractiveJune 11, 2020

The last time we wrote about the German , the index was in a free fall. It was March 2nd and the coronavirus selloff was in full swing. The price was collapsing. Fortunately, Elliott Wave analysis helped us anticipate the crash without even taking COVID-19’s impact on the economy into account. The plunge continued for […]

EWM InteractiveJune 4, 2020

When we last wrote about Brookfield Property Partners (NASDAQ:) the stock was hovering around $44 a share. That was on July 27th, 2019. Back then we though the price can reach $50, but instead of celebrating, the bulls should be getting ready to leave. The reason for our skepticism wasn’t some special insight into the […]

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