Author: Cointelegraph By Andrey Shevchenko


Trezor and Ledger, two of the most prominent hardware wallet manufacturers, have long been locked in a rivalry. As part of Cointelegraph’s interview with Charles Guillemet, the CTO of Ledger, he revealed that the relationship is more complex than it may seem at first. Despite the rhetoric, cooperation and respect can be found as well. […]


A paper published on May 29 by Ferenc Béres and a team of primarily Hungary-based researchers analyzed the Ethereum blockchain to find out how easily its transactions can be de-anonymized. The research, which has not yet been subjected to peer review, focused on several Ethereum-specific features that overall make the network easier to track than […]


Progress on Ethereum 2.0 has picked up pace recently as the Schlesi multi-client testnet revealed itself to be a more-or-less stable network. Cointelegraph spoke with Zahary Karadjov, R&D lead for Nimbus, to learn more about the upcoming clients. Development of clients is key as they define how a blockchain operates. For Ethereum 2.0, the project’s […]


At Consensus Distributed on May 12, Blockstream presented Lightnite, a Fortnite-like game that uses the Liquid Network for storing non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing game items. While the game is developed by independent company Satoshi’s Games, Blockstream has sponsored the game by running a token giveaway.  The announcement has garnered a considerable amount of criticism from […]


Equilibrium, an EOS-based decentralized finance, or DeFi, project similar to MakerDAO (MKR), is adding four block producers to its governance system, most notably Binance. Other members include Eosfinex, an EOS decentralized exchange affiliated with Bitfinex, as well as stand alone block producers EOS Nation and EOS Cannon. The group of four will act as “governance […]


After talking about Hedera’s Consensus-as-a-Service model in the first part of Cointelegraph’s interview, Hedera CEO Mance Harmon mentioned one specific use case of enterprise blockchain to organize industry cooperation. Like with public blockchains, enterprise-based solutions are a way of coordinating participants of an ecosystem who cannot rely on trusting each other.  When asked about specific […]


The Economic Suite, developed by Flipside Crypto and Prysm Group, is a new blockchain economic tool that will let projects view advanced economic data about their ecosystem.  The partnership, whose results were announced on May 13, combined Flipside’s data analytics experience with Prysm’s economic expertise. The Economic Suite features a variety of charts that show […]

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