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The crypto community was rightly aghast at the “Bitcoin Will Save Us” poster donned by a protester against racial injustice in Dallas last week. Christ — Jessica Huseman (@JessicaHuseman) June 1, 2020 It was a tasteless and inappropriate — albeit well-meaning — attempt to impose a crypto narrative onto a decidedly non-crypto, and much […]


In a seminal blog post by Blockchain Capital, Bitcoin (BTC) was described as a “demographic mega-trend.” And while new technology tends to follow a path of diffusion from younger to older generations, there is another thing driving crypto adoption among Millennials: The fiat-based economy has failed them. The demographic megatrend An online Harris poll conducted […]


Headlines From the Year 2030 Goldman Sachs stocks were down again today, closing 13% lower as the ailing behemoth was slapped with another trillion-dollar fine for its role in the Student Talent Untapped Potential Indemnified Debt (STUPID) meltdown. STUPIDs were undercollateralized ‘guaranteed’ debt swaps which duped investors into buying student loans against future graduate incomes. […]


We’re Upvoting Reddit Rumors started circling in April that Reddit was tinkering with a token-based tipping mechanism on the platform. This week, it was revealed those rumors were well-founded. And the beautifully expressed rationale was clear: “In the beginning, the Internet was a free frontier — a land of openness, creativity and possibility… Then the […]


One of the Four Horsemen of the Crypto-Apocalypse Flogs his Putrefying Stallion in Recap of 2018 Stand-up Routine Why would a Cointelegraph columnist blow ten bucks on a Nouriel Roubini podcast? Ever? Especially one billed this way:   Are Crypto-currencies/Shitcoins the future of money or a bubble now gone bust or a speculative store of […]


In 2007, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a former Wall Street trader turned professor, described the idea of a “black swan” event. Black swans are defined as being rare, of major consequence and impossible to predict, though he tempered their predictability with an acknowledgment that, in hindsight, they are explainable. A confluence of events has arisen in […]

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