Author: Cointelegraph By Joshua Esan


Since the advent of blockchain technology in 2008, we have seen an ongoing sense of fortune, and several industries have been, and still are, grateful participants. The enormous boom will undoubtedly cause many other businesses to come aboard this train and completely step up their operations. Food industry Blockchain tech in the food industry will […]


As the human race evolves, our means of exchanging value also continuously develops. From the barter system that dates back to 6,000 B.C. to the present-day use of fiat currency, the human race has been on a nonstop journey toward creating more efficient exchange methods. Factors such as convenience, availability, stability and sustainability have played […]


Before 2009, cryptocurrency and blockchain were not popular terms. However, since their release as open-source software that year, the underlying technology has become a crucial driver for various industries, including finance, gaming, health care, engineering and agriculture. The size of the blockchain industry is expected to reach a stunning $23.3 billion in 2023. Blockchain technology […]

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