Author: Cointelegraph By Andrew Singer


Securing seed money for blockchain startups is a tricky business in normal times, but with a pandemic raging, it’s really touch-and-go. Private investors have been walking away from startup deals lately, looking to conserve working capital in uncertain economic times. But fortuitously, governments and government-like entities have been rushing in to fill the gaps. Richard […]


A New York State appeals court affirmed on July 9 that the state attorney general’s fraud investigation into iFinex et al. — i.e., iFinex, Bitfinex and Tether Holdings — could continue. Whether that probe will result in litigation against the company that issues Tether (USDT), the world’s most widely used stablecoin, is anyone’s guess, but […]


Decentralized finance is all about cutting out traditional financial intermediaries such as banks. Through the use of blockchain technology, DeFi platforms allow individuals to generate money against their own assets, becoming their own bank, as it were. As an exciting new business paradigm, the DeFi sector has been warming up for some time. But during […]


Many investment firms have launched crypto exchange-traded funds, but so far, none has found favor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Firms keep trying, though, and this past week, two more tendered applications for crypto ETF-like products — if not pure-play Bitcoin ETFs have emerged.  WisdomTree, an asset manager and ETF specialist, filed […]


In the post-pandemic world, individuals will need to seize ownership and control of their educational credentials — documents like degrees and transcripts — from schools, universities and governments. That notion received key support last week from the American Council on Education in a study funded by the United States Department of Education focusing on the […]


While the theater world has Waiting for Godot, the crypto sphere has its own drama: Waiting for the Institutional Investor. Recently, there have been some promising sightings. Grayscale Investments has been buying up Bitcoin (BTC) at a great rate in recent months.  Indeed, since the May 11–12 rewards halving event, the fund has been accumulating […]

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