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Earlier this week, Chinese mining-hardware juggernaut Bitmain unveiled its new product, an application-specific integrated circuit called Antminer T19. The Bitcoin (BTC) mining unit is the latest to join the new generation of ASICs — state-of-the-art devices designed to mitigate increased mining difficulty by maximizing the terahashes-per-second output. The Antminer T19 announcement comes amid the post-halving […]


Eccentric cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee admitted his anonymity-oriented project Ghost “copy-pasted” parts of its whitepaper from the documentation for open-source privacy coin PIVX in a series of tweets today. He nonetheless appears to intend to sue PIVX for defamation.  Ghost vs. PIVX — brief recap Earlier this week, PIVX developers claimed that the Ghost whitepaper […]


John McAfee’s anonymity-oriented Ghost project has largely plagiarized its whitepaper, according to developers of privacy coin PIVX. “After a detailed investigation, it is obvious the GHOST whitepaper was plagiarized extensively from an outdated 2018 PIVX whitepaper,” PIVX tweeted on May 17. PIVX developers went on to conclude that “at least 20 of the 26 total […]


Telegram Open Network is off to a very uncertain future. Earlier this week, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced his company’s “active involvement with TON” was over, following a drawn-out legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The project remains decentralized, however. Although TON lost its main ideologist, an independent community of validators […]


The Telegram group, started by Arseniy Grusha on May 1, co-founder of United States-based cryptocurrency consulting and mining firm Wattum, contains several complaints about Bitmain products, primarily the Antminer S17+. “I have never seen such defective production before,” Grusha wrote on his LinkedIn page on May 4. “In case you have a similar problem, I […]


Chinese cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer Bitmain seems to be bouncing back after a streak of dismal reports. Earlier this week, a local industry blog revealed that the mining giant has accumulated over $300 million in revenue so far this year and is rewarding employees with massive bonuses on Labor Day. Bitmain has since confirmed that information […]

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