Author: Cointelegraph By Shiraz Jagati


On May 26, Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, a representative from the International Monetary Fund, stated that moving forward, the best way to harness the potential of central bank digital currencies would be by fostering synthetic partnerships between the private and public sectors. Further expounding his views on the matter, the deputy division chief of the IMF’s monetary […]


As per a detailed report released by accounting giant Deloitte at the World Economic Forum on the subject of blockchain interoperability, this fast-evolving technology still has some distance to tread before it can be ported into action for mainstream purposes such as large-scale supply chain management, secure data sharing and other processes. In this regard, […]


On Thursday, Bitcoin (BTC) breached the $9,400 mark, thereby boasting a recovery that in many ways put the stock market’s performance during 2020 to shame. From a technical standpoint, Bitcoin’s market surge saw it far outpace the Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the mainstream market’s key barometers. In this regard, it is worth highlighting […]


According to a study released by the G-20’s Financial Stability Board on April 14, stablecoins pose a pertinent risk to the financial stability of the global economy and therefore need to be regulated in a manner that is not only meticulous but also future ready.  Additionally, as per data released by the FSB, members of […]

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