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Decentralization is one of the most important benefits promised by blockchain, as the technology aims to distribute and disperse power away from central authorities. Bitcoin, for example, was designed as a decentralized alternative to government-backed money. However, many blockchain systems currently run on centralized cloud platforms. It’s been noted that over 60% of all Ethereum […]


The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has upended businesses around the world, forcing companies to retool their organizations to weather one of the worst disruptions to the global economy in decades. In the face of unpredictability, both decentralization in the workplace and system architectures have taken center stage as methods to combat ever-changing circumstances. While each […]


With Germany aiming to decommission all nuclear power generation in the country by 2022 and all coal-fired stations by 2038, myriad disparate renewable energy producers of various sizes are stepping up to meet demand. Distributed ledger technology is increasingly underpinning the architecture for many systems being designed by the country’s innovative renewable energy providers. Cointelegraph […]


Trezor and Ledger, two of the most prominent hardware wallet manufacturers, have long been locked in a rivalry. As part of Cointelegraph’s interview with Charles Guillemet, the CTO of Ledger, he revealed that the relationship is more complex than it may seem at first. Despite the rhetoric, cooperation and respect can be found as well. […]


On May 26, Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, a representative from the International Monetary Fund, stated that moving forward, the best way to harness the potential of central bank digital currencies would be by fostering synthetic partnerships between the private and public sectors. Further expounding his views on the matter, the deputy division chief of the IMF’s monetary […]


With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to adopt work-from-home policies, the demand for video conferencing programs appears to have increased. Indeed, by late April, video conference app Zoom was seeing 300 million daily meeting participants, a 50% rise from the 200 million recorded at the start of the month. Amid its growing popularity, the […]

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