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On June 2, a South Korean court ordered a freeze on all the cryptocurrency wallets, securities deposits, and stocks account owned by Cho Ju-bin, the suspected head of Nth Room. Nth Room is a Telegram channel under investigation for circulating child pornography. According to KBS Korea, the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Settlement Division 30, […]


Headlines From the Year 2030 Goldman Sachs stocks were down again today, closing 13% lower as the ailing behemoth was slapped with another trillion-dollar fine for its role in the Student Talent Untapped Potential Indemnified Debt (STUPID) meltdown. STUPIDs were undercollateralized ‘guaranteed’ debt swaps which duped investors into buying student loans against future graduate incomes. […]


The Blue Mockingbird malware gang has infected more than 1000 business systems with Monero mining malware since December 2019. The global scale of the hacker group’s operations was revealed by cloud security firm Red Canary on May 26. The report outlined the group’s methodology. The malware attacks servers running ASP.NET applications and exploits a vulnerability […]


We’re Upvoting Reddit Rumors started circling in April that Reddit was tinkering with a token-based tipping mechanism on the platform. This week, it was revealed those rumors were well-founded. And the beautifully expressed rationale was clear: “In the beginning, the Internet was a free frontier — a land of openness, creativity and possibility… Then the […]


“Now is the time. If we can’t change now, we will never change.” Yuzo Kano is frank in his assessment of the two thousand year-old Hanko tradition. “We need to revisit the historical role of Hanko in Japan.” Hanko, or Inkan, is the Japanese stamp that’s almost ubiquitous in Japan’s work and life. Whenever buying […]

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