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A major financial watchdog in Russia is developing a new cryptocurrency analytics tool to trace major cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC) and privacy coins. Russia’s Federal Financial Monitoring Service, a federal service combating money laundering and terrorist financing, is reportedly planning to build a new analytics platform for tracking cryptocurrency transactions via artificial intelligence, or AI. […]


Digital assets appeared to be leaving India behind. Just four years after the advent of Bitcoin, hopes of a thriving crypto-economy in one of the world’s most populated countries were fading rapidly. “Regulation comes only when people are doing certain business, and we come to understand that something wrong is happening,” said the Reserve Bank […]


Understanding Bitcoin as something static — as some ‘thing’ with a solidified identity — is not understanding Bitcoin at all. Bitcoin is not being. Bitcoin is becoming. The perpetuation of its identity is not terminal but rather instrumental to something else. Bitcoin maintains identity so that it can serve its meaning. And, like identity, meaning […]


The threat intelligence team at Cisco Systems discovered a new cryptojacking botnet named “Prometei.” This botnet both mines Monero (XMR) and steals data from the targeted system. According to the paper sent to Cointelegraph, the botnet has been active since May. It relies on 15 executable modules to recover administrator passwords from the infected computer. […]

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