InvestLab provides technology solutions and services for the banking and investing market globally. Its solutions include cyber security for payment gateways, an online trading platform for brokers and their clients and banking applications.
InvestLab Technology Limited was founded in 2010 and is based in Hong Kong, since October 2017 InvestLab has been reformed and the focus with a new team creating a new platform aim at Virtual Currency trading.  A new name is yet to be decided, based on the past operations of Investlab, we are seeking permission from its past owners on the new name.
Travel and Aviation Investment
Aviation markets are booming, our MIX 2 platform enables access to insider details and ability to assess where and when to invest in the Travel and Aviation Sector
Virtual Currency
VC, also known as virtual money, is a type of digital money. Our platform detailed the changes and trends in VC, also where and when to buy. We believe in opening the platform to Virtual Currency at the highest levels
New Trends in Commerce and Trading
We are online, We are active and we know whats going on, all the latest trends are displayed in our platform, with BitCoin releasing ATM machine sin Hong Kong we assured of the new trend and its all accessible to trade in MIX-2
Financial Services Consulting
InvestLab Technology Limited provides financial technology solutions and services for the investing market globally. Our partners can offer advise trading and new currencies.
Investment in Stocks
Investlab platform allows for in-dept analysis and reports on the markets ensuring you can invest at the right time.
Interaction with Online Traders
By using InvestLab, you can trade at ease in a secured platform and talk with on-line users, discuss and follow traders, monitor the boom in VC and know when to buy or sell.