InvestLab MIX-2 Trading platform runs on the Amazon Web Service which is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments.

Citi Ventures is the innovation engine of Citi
London, UK

Citi Ventures, Inc. is the venture capital arm of Citicorp Banking Corporation specializing in incubation and seed investments in the Fintech sector. It seeks to invest in startups. The firm seeks to invest in financial services industry and transformational technologies, including those that leverage the power of social media and information analytics with a focus on commerce and payments; security, cybersecurity, and enterprise IT; big data and analytics; machine learning, and financial technology. Within big data and analytics platform, the firm seeks to invest in companies that address the following needs: distributed Big Data infrastructure management; text analytics on massive unstructured data sets; Natural Language Processing interfaces (NLPs); graph technologies; exploratory analysis and the discovery of hidden insights in complex data structures; security and governance for Big Data and next-generation business intelligence (BI); visualization tools; and marketing technologies.

VantagePoint Capital Partners is a venture capital firm
San Bruno, California, United States

Established in 1996, VantagePoint Capital Partners is a global venture investor supporting companies from start-up to scale-up with a special focus on energy innovation and efficiency. With over $4 billion under management, VantagePoint provides not only capital, but strategic resources, important partnership alliances and ongoing support to its diverse group of portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.

VantagePoint is Headquartered in Silicon Valley with Offices in Beijing China and Strategic Partners and Personnel Placed Throughout the World