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Investing.comOctober 13, 2020

Long-term equity portfolios typically diversify across sectors and regions, as well as market capitalization (cap). Understanding the characteristics of these categories is important as they have different risk/return profiles and could behave differently depending on market conditions. We previously discussed an exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks stocks. Today, we’ll focus on mid-caps and take […]

Investing.comSeptember 24, 2020

As west coast continue burning in the US and hurricane season ramps up, with hurricanes Sally, Isaias, Laura, Paulette, Alpha, Beta, Teddy and others already making headlines, the potential for massive amounts of damage is multifold. For those on the ground, loss of life, property and possessions are the most devastating aspects of such calamities. […]

Investing.comSeptember 16, 2020

The first half of September has seen market return with a downward bias. In such times, investors want to know how they can protect or hedge their portfolios against a substantial hit. Reducing Volatility Of Returns A hedging strategy typically involves adding diverse positions to a portfolio so that the volatility of returns is reduced. […]

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