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CointelegraphSeptember 20, 2020

Unstoppable Domain’s co-founder had this to say about Facebook and the future of free speech Unstoppable Domains co-founder Bradley Kam believes that neither the anti-encryption bills nor the technology giants present a real threat to the future of the Internet. In his opinion, both, the governments and the giant platforms are helping to usher the […]

CointelegraphJuly 22, 2020

Australian Reserve Bank Blasts Money Printing: ‘There’s No Free Lunch’ Australian Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe has taken a swipe at the concept of money printing, as further fiscal stimulus measures are rolled out in the country amid the ongoing pandemic. In a speech in Sydney on Tuesday, the central bank boss said the government […]

CointelegraphJuly 7, 2020

South Korea Considers Blockchain-Run Free Trade Zone Andong, a city in the Gyeongbuk province of South Korea, announced on July 7 that they’ve been granted a permit to operate a free trade zone for industrial hemp. They additionally announced that they will manage their operations through a blockchain-based platform. According to Newspim, Gyeongbuk’s governor, Lee […]

CointelegraphJuly 5, 2020

Dalio Says Capital Markets Are ‘Not Free‘ as Central Banks Drive Economy Ray Dalio, the billionaire hedge fund manager and founder and chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, believes capital markets are no longer free. Speaking to Bloomberg, Dalio said markets have changed a lot so central banks like the Federal Reserve no longer act […]

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