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InvestLab provides technology solutions and services for the banking and investing market globally. Its solutions include cyber security for payment gateways, an online trading platform for brokers and their clients and banking applications.
Trade All Currencies
Our trading technology is offered via the AMS  FinTec Cloud. Brokerage firms subscribe to the technology on a monthly basis. This lowers the installation cost for the user by up to 90% and running costs by 75%. Try it out, contact us for a demo!
Interaction with Online Traders
By using InvestLab, you can trade at ease in a secured platform and talk with on-line users, discuss and follow traders, monitor the boom in VC and know when to buy or sell.

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Virtual Currency

VC, also known as virtual money, is a type of digital money. Our platform detailed the changes and trends in VC, also where and when to buy.

New Currencies

We are online, We are active and we know whats going on, all the latest trends are displayed in our platform

Sales & Trading

InvestLab provides financial technology solutions and services for the investing market globally. You can buy, sell and analyse

FinSec Platform

Investlab FinSec is a cybersecurity platform developed for the investment and stock markets. Detection and prevention of financial fraud

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InvestLab is an IT firm developing technology for the Banking Sector







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InvestLab is a financial services technology company focused on the global trading market

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